The Group

Omnitech Srl has based its growth and the increase in turnover on innovation and continuous challenge of the results to achieve, investing every year not less than 5-10% of its total turnover in R&D and innovation. Such internal policy is due to the particularity of the business sector the company works in (Cyber Security) which is in continuous evolution and requires adjustments to the market requests (and to the attacks from other business players); it is also due to the necessity to build a competitive advantage over direct competitors. In this context, since 2007, Omnitech has heavily invested in industrial research projects and pre-competitive development, also building ICT proprietary products. Born to answer to the specific needs of its clients, Omnitech strength and distinctiveness dwell in specialized consultancy and highly technological professionalism. In particular, Omnitech has completed the following research projects: ISP, Smart ECO Phone, Puglia Digitale, SWARM-NET.

Bookingshow SpA, has gained extensive experience in on-line ticketing and e-commerce business sectors. is a web portal for on-line purchasing of music, sport and cultural events’ tickets. With more than 5 million tickets sold through its own SIAE-certified ticketing system, it emerges as a leader in the Italian market and one of the brightest Apulian reality in the e-commerce sector. Bookingshow relies on a multi-level sales channel made of over 1000 outlets all over Italy, a multilingual web portal, web apps for iPhone and Android, and its own contact center. Bookingshow has since long been operating in the e-commerce sector. The web portal Merchandisingplaza ( is aimed at an international audience, it is translated in 9 languages and it guarantees shipments worldwide. The store now offers over 100 000 items of 4000 brands. Bookingshow employs highly skilled software engineers with specific competencies in Object Oriented design and programming both in Microsoft and Open Source environment.

Computer Sharing Sud Srl, founded in 1983, operates on the territory as a software and specialized services supplier for small and large retail chains. It has developed, with its highly specialized workforce, back-office and front-end software applications for retails outlets management.
The in-house developed software operates in more than 2.000 shops nationwide. The company has developed modules aimed at sales analysis, customer retention analysis via business intelligence tools, software applications aimed at marketing and co-marketing activities. In the last few years CSS has developed several integrations with the e-commerce and mobile world. The company participates to the Living Labs Stesegeo which answers to the needs of 11 municipalities of the “Nord Barese Ofantino” area. The project developed in the socio-sanitary field involves the Agency for Social Inclusion “PTO Nord Barese Ofantino” and it is aimed at developing a georeferenced g.i.s. system for the identification of health and socio-sanitary services on the territory. The Company has developed an e-commerce platform “Spesa Semplice” funded with a grant obtained via the call for proposal tic of the Puglia Region, which intended to create a web platform providing co-marketing services, in order to sell products of different businesses by managing the home delivery system.

The Consortium of Apulian Public Theatres (Teatro Pubblico Pugliese) is an Audience Development and Promotion Agency recognized by the MIBACT and by the Puglia Region. Over 50 municipalities, provinces and the Puglia Region participate in the TPP. Every year it counts about 500 plays and more than 130.000 spectators. A polyhedral organization, ranking among the firsts Italian theatre circuits.

AGIS Associazione Generale Italiana Spettacolo
AGIS is a confederation of show businessmen that operate in the following fields: cinematography, theatre, music, choreutic, circus and popular. Within the European landscape it is a quite unique organization, it was founded in form of an association in the 1945; it puts together thirty national trade associations.

Dyrecta Lab Srl is a society composed of a team of researchers, engineers and technicians. It is specialized in software and hardware system integrations in the ICT sector. In 2010 it becomes Laboratory of Scientific Research accredited by the MIUR. Its main research fields are: “Augmented Reality”, “Building Automation”, the use of a “Semantic Approach” and “Predictive Systems”.