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Report of Second Workshop of the project

The Project Click Teatro is a Living Lab, this means that in order to grow and to consolidate, the project needs the contribution and the active share of the citizens, of the consumers and of the operators: therefore it needs The project requires the involvement of all the parties in order to become true. This was the starting point for the second project Workshop, on 2nd Dec. in the assembly room of the Comune di Barletta. The hearth of the Project, the free application for smartphone, represents an innovative way to stay up to date on the news that concern Theaters and the services associated to it. The App provides the creation of a module embedded with the sale systems of the shops that will issue a receipt with an unique code following a shop. By scanning the receipt using the app, user can produce a credit into the platform and certificate it thanks to the personal wallet. Moreover the help of techniques of Augmented Reality (strengthening of the reality perceived by our senses) will make the fruition of the theatrical contents innovative and exceptional, increasing the interest even in a younger public.

During the meeting also Mr. Francesco Di Leo, marketing manager of Barletta, spoke and defined the project as a praiseworthy initiative and he underlined that, once consolidated, it could become a very useful tool for the same dealers that will benefit of it.

All the stakeholders involved directly in the project have participated to the meeting on 2nd Dec.: Dott. Manosperta (Teatro Pubblico Pugliese), Dott. Sarcina (Omnitech), Dott.ssa De Carlo (Dyrecta Lab), Prof. Di Lecce (Politecnico di Bari), Ing. Casale (Omnitech), Dott. D’Avena (Bookingshow), Dott. Polito (Computer Sharing Sud), Ing. Soldo (Omnitech).
Everyone has introduced his company and his role in the Project; so the profile of the App was delineated and become wealthy of particulars that will constitute the functionalities of the application itself.

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