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11th March: Fourth Workshop Project

The fourth appointment with Click Teatro, is held on Wednesday March 11th, at Officina degli Esordi in Bari, with all the actors directly involved in the ideation, creation and development of the SIMATT project: the companies (Omnitech, Bookingshow, Computer Sharing Sud, Dyrecta Lab, TPP and Agis), theatrical companies and shopkeepers. Also during this Fourth Workshop Dott. Manosperta of Teatro Pubblico Pugliese introduced the Living Labs, following the fundamental principle on which it founds on, such as the ” think collectively”, the project lives thanks to the essential ideas, suggestions, modifications from anyone who wants to participate in the growth of the ambitious Click Teatro. This, co-funded by the Regione Puglia, is a repository of information about the world of the theater, on specific shows and insights, as well as a tool capable of bringing the user to shopkeepers and then to all the services to encourage participation in an event .
Before passing to the practical use of the APP Click Teatro, Dott. Sarcina, Omnitech representative, the company leader of the project, spoke about where the idea of this APP comes from: from an experiment conducted by the students of the polytechnic in Taranto in 2010 (“Il provolone vi porta a Teatro”), that organized a collection points in a supermarket, offering as a prize some tickets for a theatrical show.
Dott.ssa De Carlo (Dyrecta Lab) has shown as the navigation practically happens on the application, introducing all the functions of it: the virtual wallet, the events search, the use of the bidding machine (the “recommended for you” events) or the selection directly operated by the application, personalized according to the consumer choices, aspect then developed in the intervention of Omnitech Ing. Casale. Other fundamental and innovative feature is the way that the APP uses the techniques of Augmented Reality: it will allow the consumer, simply by using the camera of his smartphone, to get additional contents associated to a determined show (by scanning a marker on the poster of the show), or, framing the real environment and using GPS, to get an overview of the shows programmed within 5km. To introduce the role covered in the Project by Bookingshow (the online portal of ticketing where it is possible to purchase the tickets of the events visible on the APP), Dott. D’Avena has spoken about the creation of a connection middleware system between the back end website of Click Teatro and the official web site of Bookingshow, while Ing. Matrino, has illustrated the purchase of a ticket and a of proximity service and how the user own virtual credit can be used. Finally Dott. Di Gioia (Computer Sharing Sud) described the module integrated with the sale system of the shops and the issue of a receipt with a unique code (EAN code, 13 characters). In this way the consumer will receive a virtual credit thanks to the personal wallet of the application.
Salient questions from the theatrical operators to the fourth workshop:

Question 01
An operator of a little teatrical company says he finds the app a valid useful tool, very interesting from the commercial point of view. His difficulty is related to the fact he does not use the on line ticketing platform, so he asks if the project could also involve a small company like his, and how.
Unfortunately, in order to benefit of the system, it is necessary to belong to the circuit Bookingshow because they are the ones that promote the events and make the contents available for the app. In any case Bookingshow is open to any kind of reality.

Question 02
Another operator has found the sytem interesting and in this regard he asks how they will be affected and how it will be costly for them.
The business model has not yet been defined yet between companies. In any case, the idea is to be able to strike deals with retailers or reach small merchants through associations or otherwise directly through agreements that could tighten the TPP.

Question 03
It defines the project as a valuable initiative and, once implemented, could become very useful especially for merchants. Thanks to the credit acquired, user can buy a ticket at a discount. Curiosity is related to those who will have to pay the discount.
This question is related to the previous and at the moment we can not answer precisely, in any case, will not be the end-user to pay but could be the operator, or the theater company that wants to advertise.

Question 04
Another asked if this receipt and then the discount will be used in time or will expire.
The idea was to not give a time limit.

Question 05
A woman is intrigued by the App, and wonders, as it is a commuter outside the region, if the APP will be enjoyed by all Italian.
The APP will be accessible everywhere, but of course the functionality localized events will not produce all the results because set with a range of 5 km.

Question 06
Finally a last hereby request the date on which the application will be made available on APP STORE.
The official version will be released in late May.

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